Transglobe Events 2019

Monday, 2nd September

This year, in addition to the annual Transglobe Trust Lecture Evening, we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the start of the only polar circumnavigation of the globe, in history.  Join Ran and his colleagues including Oliver Shepard and Anton Bowring under the supervision of the evening’s host, Joanna Lumley, as they tell stories (accompanied by photographs and film) about the expedition and each other – many of which will be revelations never before heard in public. It promises to be an eye-opener!

The talk will be accompanied by an exhibition of photographs by the expedition’s photographer, Bryn Campbell, paintings and sketches of the Arctic stage by Maryclare Foa and a number of original artefacts which will be on display at the Royal Geographical Society. Full details and tickets can be booked here


Tuesday, 19th November

The annual Transglobe Trust returns with a night of Mammoth Endeavours, join us and Chris Jewel – Cave Diver, Professor Julian Bayliss – Conservation Scientist, Ecologist and Explorer, Roger Chapman – Seasoned Expedition Leader and Professor Alice Roberts – Biological Anthropologist, Clinical Anatomist, Author and Broadcaster, for tales of adventure, travel and discovery.  Full details can be found here