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Transglobe Trust

Ranulph Fiennes’ official website
Launched in early 2011, this site gives full details of Ranulph Fiennes’ expeditions, books, forthcoming public lectures and more.
The Antarctic Circle
This is a very comprehensive compilation of all matters concerning Antarctica and principally the ‘heroic age’. It includes a bit about the Benjamin Bowring,  obituaries of Charlie Burton and Ginny Fiennes as well as recording Bothie’s credentials in Antarctic Pets!!

History of ANARE shipping – Kista Dan
This is a very full account of the Australian Antarctic Division with a history of the Kista Dan / Benjamin Bowring.
Lauritzen scrapbook including photos of Kista Dan in early days.
Fale Tokelau
The Tokelau Islands website (see ‘Ship’ > ‘Ship Stories’ > ‘South Pacific‘).

South Pole
An American polar/philatelic site which gives excellent accounts of the heroic age expeditions.

Royal Geographical Society

Scott Polar Research Institute: Britain’s leading polar research establishment. In addition to the fieldwork studies in various disciplines, SPRI also has a magnificent library of polar books and archives which include the expeditions of a number of eminent polar explorers including Scott, Shackleton, Fuchs, Herbert and Fiennes (Transglobe Expedition 1979 – 1982). Se also the SPRI photo library‘Freeze Frame’ which includes many Transglobe Expedition photographs.

Geographical – The Magazine

Wild Camel Protection Foundation

Scientific Exploration Society

Walking the Amazon:    On April 2nd 2008, Ed Stafford and Luke Collyer started their attempt to walk over 4,000 miles from the source of the Amazon River in southern Peru to the mouth in Brazil. On July 4th, some three months later, Luke decided to leave the expedition leaving Ed continuing solo. The expedition will beuninterrupted and is expected to last between 16 and 18 months. The expedition is sponsored, in part, by the Transglobe Expedition Trust.

ENDURE:  Ben Thackwray and colleague Ian Couch are undertaking an ultra lightweight crossing of Greenland which they hope to complete in 12 days. They both have experience of maximum endurance undertakings including climbing mountains, running across deserts, rowing oceans etc. The Greenland crossing, ENDURE, has the support of the Transglobe Expedition Trust

Marie Curie Cancer Care

Time magazine article about Transglobe Expedition