Many thanks to all of you

A.C.T. Australia;
Advance Tapes (UK);
Adel Rootstein;
AEI Cables;
African Ro-Ro Express;
Air Associates;
Air Canada;
39F Squadron Air Cadets;
Airtour International;
Airwork Services;
Alberta House;
Alexandra Towing Co;
Alfa Laval (NZ);
All States Providores Ltd;
Alpine Sports (Holborn);
Amalgamated Packaging Industries;
A.W.A. (NZ);
Andrews Industrial Equipment;
Anglo-Dutch Engineering Co;
Anschutz & Co;
Air New Zealand;
Aladdin Industries;
Alcan Aluminium (UK);
Alcan Polyfoil;
Allan Generators;
Appetizer Fruit Juices;
Apple and Pear Marketing Board (NZ);
Aqua Clean Ships;
Arbor House;
Armitage Shanks;
Armstrong & Springhall;
Arnold & Wright;
A/S Atlas;
A.S. (B) Ltd;
A.S.E. Ltd;
Aspen Electronics;
Associated Biscuits;
Associated Lead Manufacturers;
Assurances Générales de France;
Assureurs de Côte d’Ivoire (Faugere et Jutheau);
Atlas Products & Services;
Auckland Harbour Board;
Auckland Laundry;
Auckland Market Supply;
Audio Visual Promotions;
Austscan Trading Co;
The Automobile Association;
Avis Car Rentals (NZ);
Avo Ltd;
Avon Industrial Polymers;
W. Badger;
Baillieu, Bowring, Marsh & McLennan Ltd;
Balcan Engineering;
Bampton, Son & Knight;
Barclays Bank;
Barclay International;
Francis Barker & Son;
Barlow’s (Cape);
Batchelor’s Foods;
W. A. Baxter & Son;
Beaufort Alt-Sea Equipment;
Belling & Co;
A. G. Benfield;
Benson & Hedges (Canada);
Berlei (UK);
Berrick Bros;
Bighead Bonding Fasteners;
Bio-Strath (AG);
Bird Electronics;
Black & Edgington;
Blacks of Greenock;
Black & Decker;
The Blue Circle Group;
Blueport A.C.T. (NZ);
B. M. Coatings;
Bombardier Rotax (Vienna);
A. Bonacker;
Thomas Borthwick & Sons;
Bovril House;
Bowater Scott Group;
Bowen Sales & Service;
Edwin Bowers & Sons;
Bowmaker (Plant);
C. T. Bowring & Co;
The Bowring Steamship Co;
C. T. Bowring & Associates;
Bowring Banif (SA);
Bowring Brothers Ltd;
C. T. Bowring & Burgess;
Bradley Air Services;
Brambles (NZ) Freighters;
Brentford Nylons;
Brewhurst Health Foods;
Brick Oven Bread;
Briggs & Stratton;
Brimley & Co;
Bristol Uniforms;
Britannia Airways;
British Aerospace;
British Airways;
British Aluminium Co;
British American Optical;
The British Bank of the Middle East;
British Caledonian Airways;
British Central Electrical;
British Columbia Sugar Refining;
B. C. Dairy Foundation;
British Dredging Pioneer;
British Home Stores;
British Indicators;
British Inspecting Engineers;
British Marine Equipment Council;
British Oxygen Co;
British Petroleum;
British Rail;
British Road Services;
The British Seagull Co;
British Shipbuilders;
British Telecom;
B.S.C. Sheffield Special Steels;
British Steel Strip Mills;
British Transport Docks Board;
British Viggo;
British Wool Marketing Board;
C. W. Brockley & Co;
Brooke Bond Oxo;
Brown & Perring;
Henry Browne & Sons;
The Joe Brown Shop;
Brown & Poulson;
B.S.G. International;
James Buchanan & Co;
Buck & Hickman;
Burmah Oil Co;
Burmeister & Wain Maritime Services;
Burmeister & Wain Diesel (Australia);
Burndept Electronics (ER);
Burns Philip;
The Burton Group;
Byers Transport;
Cable & Wireless;
Cadbury Schweppes;
Cadbury Schweppes Hudson;
Cadbury Schweppes Powell;
Caledonian Mining Co;
Cambrian Fly Fishers;
Canada Safeway;
Canadian Marconi Avionics Division;
Canterbury Dairy Farmers (NZ);
Cape Portland Cement;
Carborundum (NZ);
Carling O’Keefe Breweries of Canada;
Carlton Breweries (Fiji) Ltd;
Carnation Foods Co;
Carpets International (Northern);
Carreras Rothmans;
Carrs of Carlisle;
Casey’s Camping;
J & J Cash (UK);
Castle Wineries;
Catering Hygiene Services;
Chamberlain Phipps;
C.G.S. Resistors;
Champion Sparking Plug Co;
Checker Supermarkets;
Chelton Electrostatics;
Chemical Services Laboratories;
Chloride Alcad;
Christchurch Fruit Supply;
Chubb & Son (NZ);
Chubb & Son;
Chubb Fire Security;
Chubb Panorama;
Chubb Security Services;
Christian Salvesen (Managers);
Ciba-Geigy (UK);
The Cirio Co;
City of London;
Civil Aviation Authority;
The Civil Service Catering Organisation;
Clarks Ltd;
Clarkson International Tools;
Clover (Pty) Ltd;
J & P Coats;
The Coleman Co;
Collingwood of Conduit Street;
Colour Processing Laboratories;
Brian Colquhoun & Partners;
Commercial Credit Services;
Commercial Truck Co;
Commercial Union Assurance;
Community Industry;
Conaust (NSW);
Confederation of British Industry;
Controlled Packaging Services;
B.Cooke & Son;
Cooper Health Products;
Coopers & Lybrand;
Coral Leisure Group;
Coroban Plastics;
Costurn Industrial Textiles;
Coubro & Scutton (M & I);
County Commercial Cars;
Courage (Eastern);
Coventry Compressors;
Cove Radio Station;
C.P. Rail;
C.P.C. (UK);
Crane Packing;
M. A. Craven & Son;
Creda Press;
H. C. Crossman;
Crown House Engineering;
C.S.E. Aviation (Aircraft Services);
Curral Lewis & Martin;
Cuxard, Gerard & Co;
Dairy Control Board;
Dalgety (NZ);
Damart Thermawear;
Dan-Air Services;
Danish Agricultural Producers;
Davy & Co;
Davis Gelatine;
Hubert Davis;
Dawmac Concrete;
Daylay Eggs;
Robert Deards;
D.E.B. Chemical Proprieraries;
Decca Navigator Company;
Decca Radar;
Deepfreezing & Preserving (SA);
The De Havilland Aircraft of Canada;
The De la Rue Company;
A. C. Delco;
Deli Plant Hire;
Del Monte International;
Dema Glass;
Design Council;
Dexion-Comino International;
The Dickinson Robinson Group;
Dictaphone Ltd;
Diesel Services;
DEW Associates (Electronics);
Dodweli of Canada;
Dominion Breweries;
Dornay Foods;
Doulton & Co;
Downs Surgical;
Dowson & Dobson;
Draeger Manufacturing;
Draeger Safety;
Drew Ameroid (UK);
Drew Chemicals;
Dunlop Ltd (GRG Division);
Dunlop Footwear;
Dunlop Industrial Hoses;
Dunlop Semtex;
Dunlop UK Tyres;
Duphar Laboratories;
Dupont Industries;
Duraplug Electricals;
Egg Control Board;
Egg Marketing Board;
Electronic instruments;
Elf Audio Visual;
Elida Gibbs;
Elierman & Bucknall;
Ellerman Harrison Containers Line;
Robin & Mary Ellis;
EMI Records;
Endura Lamps;
Ensign Flag Co;
Entwhistle (Oldham);
Eumig (UK);
European Atlantic;
Evans Bay Timer;
The EverReady Co;
Expanded Metal Co;
Express Battery Co;
Express Dairies;
Faber Castell A.W.;
Facet Fotoset;
W. A. Fairhurst & Pears;
Charles Fenton;
Fenwick of Bond Street;
Fiat (England);
Fiat Commercial Vehicles;
Finnigan’s Speciality Paints;
Fisher Controls;
Flag Hire Centres;
Wand R. Fletcher (NZ);
Fletcher Steel;
Fletcher Timber;
Flexible Hoses;
Foremost Foods;
Forrest Lite Source;
A. J. Forsyth Co;
Four Seasons Marine Mobile;
Four Way Marketing;
Foxbat Biscuits;
Francis & Lewis;
Francis Searchlights;
Freight Services Forwarding;
Functional Clothing;
Furness Withy Group;
Fyffes Group;
Gallic Management Co;
Gamlen Chemicals Co (NZ);
Gault Technical Developments;
GEC Electrical Components;
GEC Henley;
GEC Industrial Controls;
GEC New Zealand;
Gem Power Brushes;
The General Trading Co;
W.T. George & Co;
Gerrard Industries;
Gestetner Duplicators;
Gilbert & John Greenall & Co;
Gill & Duffus Group;
Gillette Industries;
Glaxo-Farley Foods;
Gnome Elite Optics;
Luis Gordon & Sons;
W. L. Gore & Associates (UK);
Gordon Audio Visual;
Gough, Gough, & Hamer;
GPG International;
Grand Metropolitan;
Gray MacKenzie;
Gray Stone Plant;
Greater London Council;
H. J. Green & Co;
Greenpar Heat Treatments;
Grindlays Bank;
Grosvenor Ford;
John Haig & Co;
Sir William Haicrow & Partners;
Hall Aggregates (South Coast);
Joseph Hamilton & Seaton;
Hanson Trust;
H. J. Hare & Son;
Hawker Siddeley Power
Hawkins & Tipson;
T. C. Hayward & Co;
J. A. Hayward;
Dept of Health & Social Security;
Henri Lloyd;
H. J. Heinz;
Helly Hansen (UK);
Hempel’s Marine Paints;
Pinturas Marinas SAE;
Henderson Pumps;
J. F. Henderson & Sons;
Henderson & Co, South;
Hertfordshire Polymer Products;
Hertfordshire Branch of Institute of Directors;
Hiatt & Co;
Hill’s Patents;
Hobson & Sons;
Hodder & Stoughton;
Hoechst (UK);
Holland & Holland;
Household Articles;
Hoyte Metal Co of London;
H.T.I. Services;
Huckle & Ptnrs (Oman);
Hudson Bay & Annings;
Hugdahi Trading;
Hutton & Co (Ship’s Chandlers);
Hutton Charrington Buntrock;
Hutcheson & Wilson;
Hydrographic Office (SA);
ICI Fibres;
ICI Pharmaceutical;
ICI Europa;
ICI Purlboard;
ICI Paints;
ICI Petrochemicals;
ICI Plastics;
IMI Santon;
Imperial Business Equipment;
Imperial Cold Storage;
Imperial Group;
Imperial Roadways;
Industrial Chemicals (NZ);
International Diving & Watersports;
International Longshoremen’s & Warehousernen’s Union Local 13 (USA);
Jack & Letman Associates;
Jacobs, Young & Westbury;
Jaeger International Shop;
J anssen Pharmaceuticals;
Johnson & Johnson;
Johnson Scanstar;
Jubilee Engineering Co;
Juicy Fruit juices (Australia);
Karlsen Shipping;
Karrimor International;
C. G. Kelloway & Sons;
Kelvin Hughes;
Kempthorne Medical Supplies;
T. W. Kempton;
Kennet Services;
Kent Meters;
Kid Garrett;
Kimberley Clarke;
Kiwi Products (UK);
Kocklight Laboratories;
Kontiki Motel (NZ);
Kotze & Genis;
Labatt Breweries of B.C.;
Lacklands Photographic;
Roy Lancaster Associates;
Land Rover Ltd;
Lee Howl & Co;
Leroco (Direct Sales);
Lesuray (Victorinox);
Levi Strauss (UK);
John Lewis Partnership;
Leyland Paint & Wallpaper;
Leytool Ltd;
Libby McNeil & Libby;
Lightning Fasteners;
Liner Shipping Services;
Liquid Plastics;
R. A. Lister & Co;
R. A. Lister Marine;
Little Ship Club;
Lloyds Register of Shipping;
Lloyds & Scottish;
Lockhart Equipment;
Lockwood & Carlisle;
Lockwood Foods;
Loctite (UK);
Gilbert Lodge & Co;
Londegs Ltd;
London Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
London & Overseas Freighters;
London School of Electronics;
A. W. Long Transport;
Los Angeles City Council;
Port of Los Angeles;
Lucas Industries (XZ);
Lyle & Scott;
Lyons Tetley;
Lyte Industries;
Lyttelton Engineering;
Lyttelton Harbour Board;
MacAndrews & Co;
MacKenzie & Holland (NZ);
Mack & Edwards (Southern);
M & A International;
Manley Ratcliffe;
R. P. M. Manning;
The Mara Corporation;
Marco Fishing;
Marconi International Marine;
Marconi Research Laboratories;
Marconi-Elliott Avionic Systems;
MarconiMarine (South Africa);
Maritime Radio Services (British Telecom);
The Maritime Services Board of NSW;
Maritime Trust;
Marlow Ropes;
Marsh & McLennan Companies;
Marsh & McLennan Inc;
Marshall Paints;
J. A. Marshall & Co (Southern);
Masters Neill & Stock;
J. Mauerberger;
P. Maybury & Co;
McCain International;
R. N. MacDonald & Co;
MacDonald’s Restaurant of Canada Ltd;
McDougall’s Catering Foods;
J & D McGeorge;
Meadows Airfreight;
Nicholas Mendes & Associates;
David Mellor;
Mentmore Manufacturing Co;
Mercantile Lighterage Co;
Mercer Back & Hickson;
William Mercer;
P. H. R. Merrills;
M.F.G. Watersports;
The Metal Box Co;
Midland Bank;
Mikuni American Corporation;
James Miller & Ptners;
Ministry of Provincial & Government Services (BC);
Ministry of Transport (Meteorological Office) (NZ);
R. H. Minns (Baluns);
M.I. Plant;
Andrew Mitchell & Co;
Mitchell Cotts;
M.K. Electric;
Mobil Oil Co;
Mobil Cote d’Ivoire;
Mobil Oil Australia;
Mobil Oil South Africa;
Mobil Oil New Zealand;
Mobil Oil Canada;
Molson Brewery;
W. E. Moore (Anglia);
Muirhead Data Communications;
Mukluks Ltd;
R. W. Munro;
Moosehead Breweries;
M. Morgan Stanley & Co;
Morris, Black & Matheson;
Herbert Morris;
Phillip Morris (Marlboro);
Motorola Electronics;
Mountain Equipment;
John Mowlem & Co;
L. D. Nathan Wholesale (NZ);
National Bakeries;
National Egg Producers Co-op;
National Electrical & Engineering Co;
National Freight Corporation;
National Harbour Board (Port of Vancouver);
The National Maritime Museum;
National Sea Training College;
National Westminster Bank;
The Navidyne Corporation;
Negretti & Zambra;
James Neill Holdings;
Neill Tools (Australia);
The Nestle Co;
Nestles Catering Services;
Nestle Enterprises;
Nelton Ltd;
Newlaid Eggs (Cape Town);
New Zealand Dairy Board;
New Zealand Poultry Board;
The New Zipper Co;
Nilsson Winches;
Nordair (Air Canada);
Norden Marine Suppliers;
Northern Transportation Co;
North Sea Medical Centre;
Norwegian Ski Council;
Nutoata Health Foods;
Oakhanger Timber Products;
The Observer;
Occidental of Britain;
Occidental Petroleum Corp;
Occidental International Corp;
Ocean Construction Supplies;
Ocean Container Lines;
Ocean Marine Laundry;
Odex Racasan;
Offshore Instruments;
Onitsuka Co;
A.B. Optimus;
Osborne Propellers;
Outboard Marine (UK);
Outboard Marine Corporation (NZ);
The Outboard Marine Corporation (Illinois);
Wilfred Owen;
Oxford Medical Systems;
Ozalid (UK);
Pacific Forum Line;
Pacific Telephone;
Pacific Western Airlines;
Packaging Products;
William Page & Co;
H. Parrot & Co;
Pasta Foods;
William Paton;
Paterson’s Scottish Shortbread;
Paykel Bros;
George Payne & Co;
Pedigree Pet foods;
Penguin Books;
Pepsi Cola (UK);
R. Perry & Co;
Phillips Industries;
H. Pickles & Sons;
Pilkington Brothers;
Plascoat International;
Plasticotta (UK);
Plastifab Industries;
Plessey Co;
Plessey (NZ);
The Post Office;
Graham Poulter & Associates;
Powell & Co;
Powerlite Compressors;
Power Systems Associates;
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft of Canada;
The Prestige Group;
Polaroid (UK);
Polco Products;
Poppy Food Co;
The Port of London Authority;
Porter Bros;
Pringle of Scotland;
L. E. Pritchitt & Co;
Protex Fasteners;
Ptarmigan Airways;
Purdy’s Cakes;
The Purple Cow Restaurant;
Quaker Oats;
Rabone Chesterman;
Racal Electronics plc;
Racal Decca Marine;
Racal Electronics (NZ) Racal Group Services;
Racal Tacticom;
Radio Rentals;
Raleigh Industries;
Rank Hovis McDougal;
Raven Leisure Products;
The Rawlplug Co;
R.C.A. Global Communications;
Reckitt Household Products;
Reckitt & Colman;
Reckitt & Colman (NZ);
Record Ridgway Tools;
Redpath Dorman Long;
Reliance Fernhill;
Rescue Equipment;
REWA Co-operative Dairy Co;
RFD Inflatables;
Ridge Tools (UK);
Rigel Instruments;
Henry Righton & Co;
Roche Products;
James Robertson & Sons;
A. H. Robins Co;
Robinson & Son;
The Rolex Watch Co;
Rolls Royce of Beverly Hills;
Romeike & Curtice;
Romney (BAMA);
W. Roskill & Co (Reports);
Ross Foods;
R.S. Components;
Rowntree Mackintosh;
Royal AircraftEstablishment;
Royal Australian Navy (Hydrographic Office);
Royal Dairies;
Royal Insurance Co;
Royal Naval College Greenwich;
Royal Navy Reserve;
Royal New Zealand Navy (Hydrographic Office);
Ruberoid Building Products;
Rutherford’s (Cape Town);
Ryders International;
Saccone & Speed;
St Katharine by the Tower Ltd;
Safety Products;
B.G. Saft (UK);
Salewa Sportsgerate fabrik;
Sangamo Weston;
Sams Bros;
Samuelson Film Services;
San Pedro Scout Troop 210;
Sargent Brothers (Thames);
Sasco House Sales;
Saunders-Roe Developments;
Savoy Hotel Ltd;
Scandinavian Airline Systems;
The School GovernmentPublishing Co;
Scottorn Trailers;
Seabridge Australia;
Sea Containers Services;
Seafoods Sales (Cornwall);
Seaharvest Corporation;
Sealink Marine Supplies;
Seaman Shot Blast;
Security Pacific National Bank;
Segebaden-Berg AB;
Sellotape Products (UK);
J. A. Sharwood & Co;
Shell Markets (Middle East);
Shell Tankers (UK);
C. Shippam;
Ship’s Stores Australia;
Silva Compasses (London);
Silvermine Radio Station;
Simonsen & Weel;
Alfred Simpson;
Sinclair Equipment International;
Sinclair Melbourne & Co;
Sitram International Shipping Agencies;
Sistron & Donner;
S.K.F. (NZ);
Small Craft Deliveries;
Smedley— HP;
Smith’s Industries;
Herbert Smith & Co;
John Smith Ltd;
W. H. Smith & Son;
Frank Smythson;
Snapak Food Products;
Solus Engineering & Marketing;
South Africa Farm Consultants;
S.A. Navy Dental Unit;
South African Navy (Charts);
South Africa Posts and Telecommunications;
South African Railways;
South African Stevedores Service Co;
The Sound Powered Telephone Co;
Southampton Port Health Authority;
Southern Industrial Rubber Co;
Spacecoat Garments;
G. W. Sparrow & Sons;
Spear & Jackson Tools;
J. W. Spear & Sons;
Special Products Distributors;
Spinneys (1948);
Springfield (Nottingham);
Standex International;
Stanley Tools;
Star Kist Foods;
Staveley Electro-Technic Services;
Steelex Tools;
Stephens & Cater;
Stewart & Hughman;
Stewart Wrightson;
Stott & Smith Group;
H. Stout & Co;
Stuart Madeley;
S.V. Fuel Systems;
Sunkist Growers Inc;
Survey & General Instruments;
Suva Port Authority;
Swaledale Woollens Co;
Martin Sylvester Marketing;
Table Top (Pty);
Talres Developments;
Charles Tanqueray & Co;
Tarmac International;
Tate & Lyle Refineries;
Taylor Woodrow International;
Taylor Woodrow Towell’s;
Taylor’s Paraffin;
Tecumseh Products;
Mark Templeman & Son;
Thames Valley Security;
Thomson C.S.F.;
The Thompson Organisation;
Thorn Consumer Electronics;
Thorn Domestic Appliances;
Thornton Sandberg Brockbank;
Three Quays Marine Services;
The Tilley Lamp Co;
Toshiba (UK);
Toshiba Corporation;
Touche Ross & Co;
Tower International;
Transcap — Côte d’Ivoire;
Transglobal Air;
R. Travers Morgan International;
Louis Triay;
Tri-Corr (Kingsway Packaging);
Corporation of Trinity House;
Tn-Wall Containers;
Troll Products;
Troup Curtis & Co;
Tubella Engineering Co;
Tube Makers of Australia;
Tucker Fasteners;
The Tupperware Co;
Turnbull & Asser;
Turnbull Scott Holdings;
Turner & Newall;
Turner Whitehead Industries;
Twinlock (UK);
TWT Trucks (Dudley);
Tyne Gangway Co;
Unicorn Lines;
Unigate Foods;
Unilever Export;
Union Carbide (NZ);
United Scientific Instruments;
U.S. Departmentof Commerce;
U.S. Navigation (Pacific) Inc;
The United Malting Co;
United Tobacco;
Universal Tape Printing Co;
Unitor Ships Services;
Vancouver Fumigating Co;
Vancouver Mariners Clinic;
Vango (Scotland);
Van der Horst of England;
Van Tell Trading AB;
VDO Argo Instruments;
SOS Verktyg;
Viking Gold Medal Laundries;
The Vintners Co;
Vito Self Adhesive Sealants;
Vorwerk (UK);
Waddingron Playing Card Co;
Wainwright Bros;
Walker Gosweller Co;
Wallace & Tiernan;
Rick Walter Broadley Machines;
A. Wander;
Warner (Midlands);
Warner Lamber (UK);
J. Wattle Canneries;
W.C.B. Containers;
Weilcome Foundation;
Wellington Harbour Board;
Wellington Marine & General Engineering Co;
Wellington Meteorological Office;
John West Foods;
John West Foods Australia;
L. E. West & Co;
West Coast Sawmills;
West Coast Semiconductors;
Western Pacific Communications Consultants;
Westinghouse Sales & Distribution;
Westmar Ship Supply;
Westralian Farmers Transport;
Whinney Murray & Co;
Whitbread & Co;
Whitworths (Holdings);.
Wickman Industrial Equipment;
Widnell & Trollope;
Wild Leitz (Australia);
Wild Heerbrugge;
Williams & Glyn’s Bank;
Willis Faber & Dumas;
J. E. Wilson & Son (Kendal);
Wilson & Kyle;
George Wipey & Co;
Wilson Products (Christchurch);
Windows (BSF);
Wisdom Imports mc;
Wittenborg Automat;
Wormersley Boome Chemicals;
Woodhouse Hume;
Woolfe Laing Christle & Ptnrs;
Noel Woolhouse;
Wrather Hotels (Queen Mary);
L. L. Wright;
Yardleys of London;
Yee Jong & Co;
Y.H.A. Services;
Young & Brown;
Wright Heaton;
The Wrigley Co;
G. H. Zeal.